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The shelter started gradually, on a two acre piece of farmland in an isolated part of Corfu. Over time we have been able to divide the land into eight separate compounds in which the dogs have plenty of room to run, play and dig.

To be able to do this work, we had the much needed and very much appreciated financial help of Greek Animal Rescue, London and ETN, Bonn.  But as the population grew

we realized that the animals were headed for disaster unless we could find homes for them; but we wanted good homes, not a life tied to a tree “guarding” a ramshackle chicken house.

The first dogs that we sent abroad were rehomed by Edith and Nicole Roggenhofer in Austria. Then we met Elke Weinberg from Germany, through whom we met Uta Engelhardt, who introduced our work to her many other contacts throughout Germany.

Then Christine Leijd from Sweden contacted us; we met and we sent some dogs to her. Through her we met Lena Holmstrom who volunteers at our shelter and now helps us in Sweden. Last year Marion Rikken visited us, and since then she has been rehoming our dogs in Holland. So we are very pleased with the good contacts we have made, and we know they put a lot of work into finding the right homes for the dogs.