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Success Stories :: Hera

We found Hera carrying a loaf of old bread in her mouth through the village of Perivoli. The last thing we wanted was a pitbull but Perivoli is a rough place for stray dogs. She was in very poor condition and full of ticks. Hera is crippled in one hind leg, due, we found out, to a fall from a second floor balcony. Vets say that if she had been operated on at the time she could have been helped, but now she just has to live with it, which she does with no problem. Hera now lives with a former volunteer of ours, Roza, in Sweden.

Here is her story told by Roza When I first decided to go to Greece and to the shelter, I was determined NOT to get attached to a dog. I was not going to take a dog with me to Sweden, it would be too much hassle. Then I met Hera. Hera the pit bull, Hera with her stiff leg. I was fascinated by her. Now Hera is in Sweden. She is definitely worth all the hassle in the world. Hera shares a home with me, my boyfriend, a cat and a rabbit. The cat, rabbit and Hera get along wonderfully. They eat together, sleep together and go for walks together. Hera has such a wonderful personality. She is a calm, loving dog with a huge heart. Everyone that has met her agrees. She has both human and dog friends.

Hera and I spend a lot of time outdoors On our own, we walk in the woods and play with Hera's toys. A couple of times a week we meet with one of her dog friends. We let them loose on a football field near our house, and they run around jumping on each other full of energy and happiness. I do not regret for one second that I took Hera to Sweden. She is now sleeping by my feet, under the desk, where she always is when I'm at the computer. She is healthy and seems happy. I hope our friendship will last for a long time.