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Success Stories :: Gina

We had Gina at the shelter for a number of years. We never expected to rehome her because she was: 1. about 10 years old.  2.suffering from a chronic illness. 3. had a punctured eardrum; her ear needed constant treatment. 4. was lame on one foreleg due to a car accident.  

Uta Engelhardt came to the shelter, saw Gina and said,  "She should have a good warm home to spend her last years."  We were skeptical, but told her that if she could find a good place for Gina, that was fine.
For the past 2 1/2 years Gina has lived with Brigitte and her other Greek dog, Spike, near Dusseldorf, Germany. Gina is the diamond of Brigitte's heart and lives the life of a queen. Her health has improved 100 %. We never expected such a happy ending to the story of Gina. 

Brigitte writes: On April 13, 2003 
Gina arrived in Germany with several other dogs in a transport from Corfu. Not only Hannibal’s elephants have crossed the Alps! There is no way here to list all the joys which I gain from Gina. It is simply fabulous with her.  As often as possible we go for beautiful walks through the meadows beside the river Rhine. Gina never forgets to dig for mice, though she doesn’t catch any. When it is time to bring the day to an end, she always limps up the slippery stairs behind me into my cool bedroom. She guards me there, lying in front of my bed while I am falling asleep. And only when she thinks I am sleeping, she carefully moves downstairs into her much warmer and more comfortable basket in the living room. This really touches me deeply. I will never let Gina go again. Until death separates us.