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A Donkey Dies in Corfu

The authorities in the municipality of Lefkimmi where I live refuse to even meet with me and others who have approached them about animal welfare. They say that they have more important things to do, yet it is hard to see evidence of anything that they have accomplished on any front. We have tried to interest the mayor in some sort of shelter and in a neutering clinic, but we haven't even manage to get his attention.

As an example of the callous attitude which the local authorities have toward animals, consider this.  I was called out by a passerby to help with an injured donkey that had been left at the edge of a field about a meter from the main road. This unfortunate beast had been lying for over ten days in a hole it had dug trying to get to its feet.

Neighbours tried to help by taking the donkey food and water. Some called the town hall and the police as well, not once but several times. One man spoke to the mayor,  himself. The only thing that was done was that a rubbish collection vehicle was sent around. When the rubbish collectors saw that the donkey was still alive, they simply moved on elsewhere, leaving it to suffer until finally days later someone passed who knew about the work that I do and called me.

A vet came out the same day, but by then the donkey was too far gone to be saved and was euthanised.

 Still alive; more of the same in Lefkimmi

Roda, Corfu. This stallion died the day after this picture was taken.

A common sight in Greek villages.