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Success Stories :: Cookie

One morning just after dawn we found Cookie hiding under a rubbish container. We had her for one year at the shelter and in all that time she would not let anyone come near her. Carita wrote from Sweden saying she had adopted a psychologically damaged dog that was now fine, and did we have such a dog as she was ready to take on a second one. We answered, "Do we ever!" and sent her Cookie. 

Here is what Carita has to say about Cookie now.

Cookie has become a calm dog. She has two dogs and two cats as friends. Now, she eats without having to be under the kitchen table and she is first to come and beg for treats. She has three human friends outdoors, who give her treats. She has come to understand that not all humans are dangerous. She is very curious now, and not at all the introverted Cookie she was when she first arrived. She plays inside and outside. She jumps high up on me when I get home from work.. She still sleeps on my arm. 

We were at the vet’s a while ago, and she couldn’t believe that this was the same dog that had been so scared before. Our neighbours eat their breakfast at the window and enjoy watching Cookie play with the other two dogs I have. They praise me a lot, they think that Cookie and I have done a great job together. She stands on guard inside and there she snarls deeply. Though we have not heard her bark yet! She plays with us by pulling on our clothes. She has been with me to my job, with old people. She managed great and wasn’t afraid at all, as long as she can stand behind me the whole world can fall apart. She is certain of my protection.

Many hugs from all of us